Journeys of Visual Discovery

 What words or phrases best describe the work you've selected to exhibit?

"Scenes that linger."

Describe a method or technique that's integral to your artistic practice.

"In my large paintings, I use sketches as well as photographs to select shapes and patterns, created by light, to do a detailed drawing. I paint on a flat surface. For example, Azalea #2 began with watercolor washes brushed on damp paper. When dry, I paint section by section, using wet-in-wet and dry techniques until the watercolor is complete. Highlights and accents are added last."

How do you cultivate creativity in your own life?

"As a child, I drew and painted a lot. Later, I dreamt of becoming an artist. Teachers and mentors, seeing art in museums, learning about famous artists-all of these shaped my consciousness and my abilities. My primary sources of inspiration were and are gardens, parks, arboretums, and my surroundings. I respond as well to subjects where light creates fleeting moments of beauty."

Installation photos by Dave Barnum

Yester House Solo Shows 2024 
  • May 30th - July14, 2024
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