Vermont Crafts Council

Vermont Open Studio 2023

Founded in 1990, the Vermont Crafts Council represents a community of over 260 visual artists, arts organizations, galleries, and art education facilities. Through business development programming, marketing opportunities, and open studio events, the Vermont Crafts Council offers ways for visual artists to both maintain and grow their creative businesses. The Vermont Crafts Council endeavors to educate the public about the value of handmade objects.
"My watercolors are journeys of visual discovery and I invite the viewer to share these moments with me, to derive pleasure from and to reflect upon, the transient beauty of Nature." - Kim Eng Yeo

Kim Eng Yeo is a highly trained and accomplished watercolorist who has exhibited in shows within the United States, and in Thailand and Singapore. She cultivates plants and studies nature, which serve as a continuing source of inspiration. Kim Eng's love and knowledge of horticulture and her environment allow her to produce elegant and beautiful watercolors that define her as a painter of nature. For full bio, click here. 

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